lighttpd 1.5.0-SVN r1992 para Debian Sarge


He preparado paquetes .deb de lighttpd 1.5.0-SVN r1992 para Debian Sarge. Están basados en el último paquete de testing, actualizado a la 1.5.0. Falta sólo el mod_mysql_vhost, no tengo ahora mismo instalado el mySQL 5.0 ni sus librerías. Ésta página ya se sirve desde lighttpd 1.5.0, así que es la mejor prueba de que funciona. ;)

Se puede descargar aquí.

(PD: si, ya se, lo que tendría que hacer es dejarme de historias y actualizar a Etch…)

ACTUALIZACIÓN (20070921): Nueva versión con soporte para linux-aio-sendfile. Hace falta también el port de libaio.



I’ve built .deb packages of lighttpd 1.5.0-SVN r1992 for Debian Sarge. They’re based off the latest packages in testing, upgraded to 1.5.0. The only thing missing is mod_mysql_vhost, as I don’t have mySQL 5.0 installed at the moment. This server already runs lighty 1.5.0, so the fact that you’re reading this page is the best proof that it works. ;)

The packages are available for download here.

(PS: I know, I know, what I should do is upgrade to Etch altogether…)

UPDATE (20070921): new release with linux-aio-sendfile support. You’ll need the libaio port too.


2 pensamientos en “lighttpd 1.5.0-SVN r1992 para Debian Sarge”

  1. Hi,
    I don’t get it to work on Debian Etch.

    dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of lighttpd:
    lighttpd depends on libfcgi0; however:
    Package libfcgi0 is not installed.
    lighttpd depends on liblua5.1-0; however:
    Package liblua5.1-0 is not installed.
    lighttpd depends on libssl0.9.7; however:
    Package libssl0.9.7 is not installed.
    lighttpd depends on libterm-readline-perl-perl; however:
    Package libterm-readline-perl-perl is not installed.
    dpkg: error processing lighttpd (–install):
    dependency problems – leaving unconfigured
    Errors were encountered while processing:

    Any idea how to resolve that issue?

  2. You need to install those packages too using apt-get. If you’ve just downloaded my .deb and tried to install it with dpkg, dpkg doesn’t download and install all the dependecies for you.

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