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[spanish]Buddi es un pequeño programa que ayuda a llevar las cuentas de la casa, estableciendo presupuestos por categorías, controlando los movimientos entre cuentas y gastos, etc. Soy bastante desastre con éstas cosas, y en un par de meses que llevo usando el programa al menos ya sé cuánto gasto en los distintos recibos, cuánto gasto en comida, y tengo una buena idea de cuánto puedo ahorrar al mes. :)

Una de las cosas que más me gustan de Buddi es que tiene un API para programarte tus propios informes, así que ni corto ni perezoso me he hecho uno. :D Tengo las categorías ordenadas por grupos (recibos: luz, agua, teléfono; casa: comida, droguería, varios; os hacéis una idea…) y Buddi no tiene ningún informe que tenga en cuenta los grupos, muestra todas las categorías al mismo nivel. Este plugin lo que hace es agrupar en el informe las categorías, sumando lo presupuestado y el gasto real de cada categoría hija en la principal, para de un vistazo saber lo que gastas en cada grupo de categorías.

[english]Buddi is a nice little program that helps you managing your personal budget, by defining categories, assigning a budget to them, etc. I’m quite bad at this kind of things, and after two months using Buddi I know how much I expend on things, and how much can I save each month. I love it.

One of my favorite features of Buddi is that it has an API that allows you to develop new reports, so I’ve developed mine. I have all my categories in groups (bills: electricity, water, telephone; home: food, drugstore, others; you get the picture), but all the reports in Buddi show all categories in a flat list without grouping them by parent category. This plugin does just that: all sub-categories are shown right under the parent one, and all of their budgets and expenses are added to those of the parent category, so that you can easily and quickly know how much you expend on each group.


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  1. Thank you for sharing time and effort that you put into this plugin with the rest of us!

    I’m still new to Buddi, but I already find it very useful, and I’m trying to spread the good news among my friends.


  2. Hi KaiH. Thanks for the post. :)
    I’m really terrible at managing a budget and Buddi is helping me a lot, it’s a very useful and easy to use program. A report like this one is the only thing I missed.

  3. Hi,

    Got an error requesting a ‘Reports by parent category’ for Buddi. this is the log that I had (got something to do with java):

    ERROR: Error making HTML: java.lang.NullPointerException
    at com.bisente.buddi.plugins.IncomeExpenseReportByParentCategory.getReport(Unknown Source)
    at org.homeunix.thecave.buddi.plugin.BuddiPluginHelper$1.construct(

    My system:
    Kernel: Linux 2.6.26-1-686
    Distribution: Debian GNU/Linux lenny/sid

    Java: sun-java6 version: 6-07-04

    Please let me know if there’s something to do with my DB or anything. From the front end, I installed the plug in as normal, and when I asked for the report the report was not gererated (showed) on the web browser.


    Cristobal Pino

  4. Hi Lucien

    Same setup here (OSX 10.5.6 and Buddy and it works. :-? I’ve recently got a similar report from a Linux user.

    Do you get any errors on stdout if you run the program from the command line?

  5. Hi Lucien –

    Thank you for the plug-in – I echo the comments above, it is the one report missing from the initial Buddi set up.

    One thing missing that I would find very useful would be to be able to have a «monthly average» column in your report – if you decide to work on this in the future, that would be my only suggestions.

    thanks, again.


  6. I love this plugin. Its great for tracking how much I’ve spent for each category. Any chance there could be an update to include the percentages of income and expense on the pie graph charts?


    1. @Jason: hi Jason, thanks for the comment and the interest in the plugin.

      However I’m not using Buddi anymore, so the plugin development has stopped. Anyway I released the source code, so if you can code Java (or know anyone who can) you can give it a try. You could also go to Buddi’s forums and mailing lists and see if anybody there wants to pick this up.

        1. Hi
          It’s on the zip file linked on the article, but I haven’t used this (nor Buddi itself) in years. For all I know it could have stopped working with recent versions of Buddi.
          Good luck. ;)

  7. baj[e el plug in al desktop y lo extraje. cuando lo busco en preferencias por el tab de plugin para añadirlo, no lo encuentro. pero la carpeta está en el desktop.

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