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GNOME QuickRes Applet is a small program that sits on any GNOME panel, allowing you to change the X11 video mode by selecting it from a list of video modes, just like that icon in Windoze 9X. It's based on gtkuickres by Ian Moore. Some other code has been hacked from other GNOME applets, mainly from the "printer" applet of the gnome-core package.

The program provides a button that opens a list with all the valid video modes configured in the XF86Config file so the user can click on any of them and quickly switch to any screen resolution, and two small buttons labeled as "+" and "-" with the same function than pressing the keys CTRL+ALT+NUMPAD+ and CTRL+ALT+NUMPAD-.

And why using this program if you can use the keys? Well, if you only have four or five video modes configured, switching between them is not a problem. But if you have THIRTY THREE ;D And why having so many modes? Full screen X-MAME without software zoom, full screen video ( xawtv, xanim, mpegTV, NIST...) without software zoom, (YOUR_APPLICATION_HERE) without software zoom... Software zooming is good as a last resort, but it slows down the application. It's a better idea defining a video mode that fits your needs and have hardware zooming. :) And having to change between modes with the keys when you have a lot of modes defined is a pain in the ass. ;)


GNOME QuickRes Applet is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2.
  • Last release source code :
    (10/26/99) [ChangeLog]:
  • Sources + LiNUX binaries (ix86) :
    ( glibc2.1 + October GNOME + XFree86 3.3.5 )
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For those who like taking a look at the programs before trying them : (*) You can get the definition for most of these modes from William Barath's home page.


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