gtkpodscrobbler son una serie de scripts que integran iPodScrobbler con gtkpod, de forma que cada vez que enchufes el iPod al ordenador y sincronces datos con gtkpod, se envían las canciones que hayas escuchado desde la última sincronización a

Más información aquí: README

La última versión está disponible aquí: gtkpodscrobbler-latest.tar.bz2

gtkpodscrobbler is a set of scripts which bring iPodScrobbler and gtkpod together: when you plug your iPod into your computer and sync data using gtkpod, your latest listenings get sent to

More info here: README

The latest release is available here: gtkpodscrobbler-latest.tar.bz2[/english]

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  1. @Edward: In short: yes, you could just run scrobbler.sync from But I wanted to make it more modular.
    I mean, besides running scrobbler.sync I wanted to make a backup of de DB, and wasn’t sure if on the future I would need to run more commands before the sync (merging the play count with the main DB). By doing all this on a separate script instead of directly on the install process was cleaner, just add that one line to, no need to mess with the file on future releases as any possible change would be on
    Anyway I never put much more work into this as it worked quite well for me until I moved to other software.

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