osCommerce validate_email


A small osCommerce patch that adds:

  • An e-mail verification field
  • A connection is made to the client’s email server and we try to send a mail to the user

This way we get rid of mistypings and most incorrect or plain fake e-mail addresses.



Pequeño parche para osCommerce que añade:

  • Una casilla de verificación de e-mail
  • Se realiza una conexión al servidor de correo del cliente y se intenta enviar un mail

De esta forma se eliminan los errores tipográficos y la mayoría de las direcciones incorrectas o falsas.



8 comentarios sobre “osCommerce validate_email”

  1. It would be nice to add an option to the admin area where admins can turn on/off the email address smtp validation, so they can turn it off in case of errors, but still have the extra email input field

  2. Hola Enrique.
    Acabo de hacer una prueba con la dirección que has puesto en éste comentario y a mí si que me ha funcionado. ¿El fallo te lo ha dado con alguna otra dirección? Contéstame por mail (bisente@bisente.com) si no quieres que aparezca aquí tu mail.
    De todas formas, aquí influyen muchas cosas aparte de la dirección, por ejemplo la IP en la que esté el servidor donde tengas instalado el osCommerce: si esa IP está en una lista negra y el servidor de correo de destino tiene configurado dar un error a cualqueir IP en una RBL, te dará un error aunque la dirección sea válida. Es decir, si has hecho la prueba en un servidor en tu casa y tienes IP dinámica, es muy probable que el error venga de ahí.

  3. Hi,

    It would be useful to add this to the contact_us.php – in fact I think it’s critical here – I recently got an amazing lead, but the guy had obviously mistyped his email address, and hence I can’t respond and he probably think I’m ignoring him.

    I’ll code what I can and maybe if you can email me back, I’ll respond with my changes to the contact_us.php file for inclusion in the next update…

    What do you think?

    1. @Mike: Hi Mike

      Thanks a lot for your interest in this patch. However I don’t use osCommerce any more and anyway I’m not and have never been involved in its development. I just used to administer an osC site some years ago and wrote and published this patch which was very useful to me at that time.

      When I published this code three years ago it worked. Don’t know if due to new anti-spam measures on MTAs something has changed. One thing to check if you still have problems, if your osC’s server’s IP is listed in some RBL this method won’t work as it needs to connect to the remote MTA to verify the address; if the remote MTA refuses your connection, the code will think it’s not a valid MTA or that the domain is wrong and will mark the e-mail address as invalid.

      In any case you should go to the osCommerce site at http://www.oscommerce.com/ and check in their forums. Maybe anybody there still uses this code and can help you.


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